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  • Old camera collection obsession…… 

    So i have to admit something… When i first got given my Pentax k100 i thought…hm how am i going to get on with this? 

    Turns out not too badly. got some good work done, but definitely not my best. Uni was uninspiring and i hated the curriculum! (artw*nkers)

    Since uni i have started acquiring amassing a collection… from the little pentax, i added my dad’s old SLR Canon, then my boyfriend’s mum’s SLR Nikon, then i bought and built my Konstrucktor camera (the only colourful one…) Bought a little point and shoot olympus on the merit it’s macro lens was hilarious and pretty good it turns out !

    In a stroke of amazing luck i won a camera straight after i had a pretty mean nose surgery! the Yashica A from (Facebook competition!) and i am amazed i won it! but i think i was pretty cheeky in telling them why i wanted it i said something along the lines of ’ i would traverse land and seas to get my hands on one of these’ (cheesy and cheeky but worked!) i mean…it was all luck right? 

    Anyway, after this, i recently got left a huge box of point and shoot cameras (some relics from the early 00’s and 90’s) but then i saw i had a couple or amazing little cameras stocked away in the bottom of the box, an original 1930’s Kodak Bantam (no viewfinder, just a metal cage!) 
    and even better it came with original box (bad condition)  instructions manual and this little advertising page (good condition) Haven;t yet decided if i want to risk a role of 35mm in it, as it used to take much smaller film, but i think once i get round to sorting my own or a local blackroom i’ll get on it! 

    check out my collection and laugh at the point and shoots >.< 

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  • Beautiful! 

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  • Holy crap. When did the Struts become my next favourite. 
    Hear the Stones, ACDC, AeroSmith, Gun’s n Roses, Beatles and just about the best mix of all the good bands from the good old days- in lead singer’s Luke Spiller’s vocals! 

    Other members of the band include

    Addo Slack - Guitar and Vocals
    Jed Elliott - Bass and Vocals
    Gethin Davies - Drums 

    Damn sexy.


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  • Things to do this weekend. 

    Go see Jonny Michael Play at the Ventnor Arts Club. 
    In keeping with my previous post about SGB, this is his buddy and they both play together from time to time. 
    Rad voice, Rad sound, and the best covers and mash ups! 

    Free for Members
    £3 for guests

    It’s a very good venue- used to be an old Natwest Bank, the bar is in the Vaults and there’s some lovely leather sofas to relax on and watch the gig :) 

  • Here’s a clip of some iconic Isle of Wight filmed by SGB - a guy i used to work with last year, it’s amazing and you should check out his other stuff on 

    Filmed using the DJI Phantom, Feiyu Tech FY G3 Gimbal ( and GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition
    Edited in Adobe After Effects
    Colour Graded in Filmconvert

    Song - Looking Too Closely - Aerocity Remix

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  • Sabatical

    Okay I’m back from my sabbatical, i have zero followers and it’s time i got back to writing more of what i love. 

    So what’s been going on? 

    9 months on from surgery, i have a job i dislike, a serious decrease in money thanks to the local bus service eating it every time i go to work…. and oh yeah i joined the gym. (6 months late for new years still counts right?) 

    Weird how much and how little difference it makes….

    Yay selfie time. please don’t get used to it. #shameFULLselfie.

    so aside from eating healthy and doing normal human things, i’ve been thinking that life is lacking somewhat, so where else to moan about it but here? (in the form of articles, videos and pictures of course….maybe the odd text post about how the neighbours are weird…you never know) 

    Keep tuned folks.

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  • lovely flo! :) 

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  • Bestival

    has to be the most wonderful place in the world

    i miss it, only a few weeks on and i really yearn to be back, watching the sky change colour over the commodity of various acts that brought a smile to the faces around and me included!

    that was it with bestival, nobody looked. unhappy. everywhere you went some form of joy and fun was happening, any hour any place, something for everyone to enjoy!

    and the feeling you get is better than the drugs or the drink there, you have this rolling sensation that everything is possible and you’re free to have a good time, the summer’s nearly over, you’ve worked your arse off to get here, some more than others, and regardless of mud, rain, pains and no gains, there is something you will always find at Bestival, and that is Love. love for music, the acts, the art, the fundraising, the good times, the sites, the sounds, the astounding community, everything is right, and it’s got the best balance figured out for all festivals, quiet, unassuming but fun and loud as you want it to be! 

    i will most certainly be back again and again!

    A friend i made at the bestival (a lovely gent called Leeban, who runs the tangerine field tents) told me during Elton John’s final songs, surrounded by his 60+ co workers and friends, “this is, we are a family. we’re here together, it’s our last night and nobody want’s to miss out.” 

    that right there is love.


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    The Sun Never Sets with a Konica C35 EF

    The Konica C35 EF was the world’s first compact camera with built-in flash. In the 1970s it was one of Andy Warhol’s favourite cameras and now, 35 years later, it’s mine.

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